obrazky/lucie-borhyova-nahledALLPACK s.r.o. regularly support charitable action Dáda Days. Main aim of this charitable action is to improve the quality of disabled child care and help them to spend attractive leisure time. All these actions are meant to continuously reduce or completely remove their physical and psychical barriers with the aim to integrate them into the rest of society.

Action Dáda Days is supported by the involvement of Czech celebrities such as Lucie Borhyová, Iveta Bartošová, Leona Černá, Pavla Charvátová, Honza Kříž and others.

ALLPACK s.r.o. is traditionally an employer of more than 50% of disabled persons.

To increase our charitable activities ALLPACK s.r.o. has been sponsoring project of "Social car" for several years. This project helps non-profit organization to obtain modern transport vehicle needed for their important work.

Saw chain sponsored by ALLPACK s.r.o. in operation within the action “Week for forest” where this tool helps to clean forest from rotten structures.


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